Week 16 Fulfill DMP

One of my DMP points is headed for fruition! Flight reservations and hotel accommodations have been made. Four months from yesterday we will be standing on a beach at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The trip is for a destination wedding for my nephew and his bride to be. Besides the wedding, we are so looking forward to walks on the beach, kayaking, snorkeling, resting under a palm tree. It would have been nice to have had the wedding now to escape the temps hovering near zero, but we will still so enjoy an adventure to a totally new location for us.


Week 15 Being Unique

Hubby and I attended a play last evening,¬†Million Dollar Quartet. It is about a specific date, December 4, 1956 at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee where there was a jam session between Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Besides the usual supporting staff like costume designer and choreographer, there was a dialect coach. The man that played Johnny Cash, really did sound like Johnny Cash, moved like him, played his guitar like him. “Elvis” was constantly moving his legs. And man, could “Jerry Lee Lewis” really play that piano!

As with all plays/movies about real people, great pains were taken to have the person be recognizable as the real person. The audience is drawn into the life portrayed on the stage/screen. We know that of course this isn’t the original person, but it doesn’t matter. There are stunt doubles that the movie industry uses, but sometimes when these people are stood side by side, we are surprised. They may be quite alike or maybe they are several inches different in height! Identical twins may at first appear to be identical, but getting to know them, you find there are personality differences.

Yes, we are unique.

The world would be so boring if we were all the same!

Week 14 On the horse again

I have slipped rather badly, fallen off the horse pretty hard, but it is time to get up again.

Week 11’s post was eaten by the cyber gremlins. I’m sure I had written about persistence. Week 12 I totally blew off. Week 13 I thought about doing, but I let other things get in the way.

Even the reading has slipped. I loved Scroll 2, but I’m having some trouble with Scroll 3. “I persist until I succeed.” That part is great, but there are so many other negative words besides the long list of words that Og wants to eliminate from his vocabulary. I find it interesting that each of those negative words makes me feel like I am being dragged down.

Looking forward to Scroll 4!

Week 10 Feeling Conflicted

How do you learn best? Oral, visual, tactical, combination? Most people probably learn in a combination of ways, but I’m finding myself more in the visual camp. As an example, when we had a guest church choir director for 3 weeks (JD Steele), he taught us via the rote method. After all the years of reading music, this was extremely difficult for me. (Small comfort, others did also.) I like taking a class on how to use new-to-me software. I am not an experimenter.

When you get a product (like a desk) that comes in a box, do you follow all the directions exactly (lay out all the pieces to confirm you have all the parts, follow the directions of Step 1 followed by 2, 3, etc.) or do you just start putting the product together? I am the former as is my husband though my son is the latter who puts up with me. Early on in the course I put a ‘chore’ on my card that really wasn’t that simple so it didn’t get done. Unbelievably, I have tripped over that and felt like I had failed and subsequent weeks struggled with that small activity.

And then a few weeks later, an activity was added that took me way longer than the course probably budgets for due to my total inexperience with that technology. And then the next week was another technology item that I had zero experience for. I wanted someone sitting right next to me showing what to do next! And then came an invitation to spent an optional 30-60 minutes on a weekly group discussion. Oh, and then there is the need to make online comments and Tweet.

I am so overwhelmed that I have shut-down!

This isn’t a very positive post (okay, it is quite negative!), but it is where I am at this moment in time. Should I have not blogged but waited for this to possibly pass by?

I will head off to church in an hour to join in the weekly community meal (yeah to not have to cook!) and then attend an Advent service followed by choir rehearsal. I will smile, converse with others, ask people questions so they talk and feel important. I will be filled with peace by the service and by the words and physical action of singing.

And tomorrow will be a new day.

Week 9 Left vs Right

Being so heavy left brained, I’m not sure why I’m not walking with a distinct tilt to the left! The bridge between left and right appears to be narrow, rutted, a one-way path filled with cobwebs.

So how did I get to be like this? Are people born to be detailed vs big picture thinkers? Is this wiring able to be changed? If so, will it take a lot of work?

I graduated in the top 10 of my high school class and did fairly well at college too, cum laude I believe. This does mean that I can read, remember, and spit back to the instructor quite well. But thinking on my own is quite another thing. For example, a freshman in-class writing assignment in English 101 was quite frustrating. Everyone but me was busily writing away, but it took me half the class to even get started. The topic given was too broad for me to focus on.

Being detailed is a gift though, much appreciated by those that only see the forest. There are times when it is very important to see that individual tree!

Music, math, athletics, these are my triggers. Now I just need to get more feeling/emotion into them, not be so rigid.

A husband/wife team was part of the program for a church seminar. They were musicians. The husband had a great story of how to learn something – set it to music! In a parochial school, his class was having a test – list all the books of the Bible in order. He finished way before the others as he was singing a song in his head that listed all the books in order!

Multiple ways of learning are a good thing!

Week 8 Make My Day!

It was simple enough. I just answered the telephone. I recognized the caller ID as being a small local business. I had left a message for a specific person the previous day, but the caller might have been any of the about 10 people at this business. All of those people were known to me. I very brightly said “Good morning!” The caller was totally taken aback and said “You just made my day!” Mind you, it was only 8:30 a.m. and the office wasn’t officially open yet. I never did ask if her day, early as it was, was already dragging her down. But, I had made her day.

It is the little things that we do for ourselves or for others that can make a positive difference. A smile, a compliment, a listening ear – show someone that you care. I made the caller’s day, but it was reflected back onto me and I felt good for helping someone else.

Week 7

For 3 days I have been a line judge at the MN State High School League Volleyball Tournament. The assignment was three matches a day immediately followed by an evaluation that was always constructively given. Sometimes I am just harder on myself but found myself right away returning to the job at hand with mental cues given for the task at hand. Only during the last match did a coach say something uncharitable after a line call that she didn’t like. Interesting how I see something looking straight down the line that coach doesn’t see from 6 feet off the line. Coaches think they can pull an official or line judges ‘chain’ but that doesn’t always work. Good thing she didn’t go for a 3rd comment as that was going to cost her an unsportsmanship card. I substituted the negative comments with a reminder that I was doing a good job and that the players were having fun working hard.

I have always considered myself a positive person, but as a Christian, I know that I sin daily. Totally erasing negative thought seems an impossibility. (Tee hee, is that being negative?!) Even when going through a day thinking you are doing great, an outside observer may see otherwise. Just need to keep those positive thoughts going! Looking how to help others keeps me going.