Exit and Entrance

Quitting is something that is not in my nature. Even the word causes me to get uptight. But sometimes it is the best.

I have really been thinking about my DMP, focusing on accomplishing those items that I really wanted. The first item – to increase my business – was sadly not happening. And then information about Go90Grow came to my attention. And that excited me! There were specific skills to assist me. Just what I needed.

So, that is what I am going to do. I will ‘quit’ one course and enter another.


Week 18 DMP being tested

January has been a quiet month, the calm before the ‘storm’ of my part-time job as a tax assistant ┬áthat is full-time during tax season. Time to focus on some points in my DMP.

Losing 20 pounds before my nephew’s destination wedding in Mexico wasn’t going to happen unless I started to exercise. I reactivated my gym membership last week and have been there 4 times each week. Silver Sneakers and Aqua Fit are the 2 group classes I have been participating in. When the district manager finally unfreezes my 15 training sessions, I’ll expand to that. I had an hour long massage this afternoon (always wonderful!). I was told that it didn’t take as long this time for my back to loosen up so my exercises are starting to do something. Now for more of those vegetables and fewer sweets (the Christmas cookies are almost gone!).

Being open to unexpected travel is part of my DMP. Unfortunately, I feel caught between the rock and the hard place. Our daughter-in-law emailed an invitation to come visit her, my son, and the 3rd year old grandson over Easter when they would at least have 3 days off in a row from work. This is where the hard part comes in. As they live in New Jersey and we in Minnesota, there is a plane fare to deal with so we try and go at least 5 days. In this case, my husband would miss a monthly activity he is quite involved with (he says its okay), I though am missing a large work the choir will be rehearsing for a month to be sung on Good Friday and 2 services of singing on Easter morning. And then I miss a band rehearsal the day we would return. Music is in my DMP. Oh, and the tax season isn’t quite finished yet. A girl friend and my daughter are gently telling me we need to go to NJ. I know I am one person in a large group and I usually am not needed the last couple of days of the tax season, but I still have this guilty feeling.

My business needs to be kicked up a notch, no, 3-4 notches. A woman from Nigeria reached out to me to go together for Go90Grow. Now this excites me. I can’t keep going on these trips unless there is more money coming in!! I’ve always felt uncomfortable initially talking to people about my business, but once I get going, I do fine as I am knowledgeable and firmly believe in the company.

Looking forward to new adventures.

Week 5

[This was originally posted 10/28/16 as a ‘page’ and not as a post!]

A writer I am not. Give me numbers and I am quite happy. But, creating the Press Release has been a bit fun. Being released from the word limit of the DMP is refreshing. It also allowed me to explore reasons why I want to do things, why I want to continue them. It is a first draft and needs to be expanded and enhanced with descriptors, but it is a start.

Week 11 Persistence

[This was originally posted 12/9/16, but mistakenly entered as a ‘page’ and not as a post.]

Persistence, stick-to-it-ness, drive, determination. Herein lies success. Luck may have something to do with success, but you have to do something with it. Education is helpful, but again, by itself it will lead nowhere.

Long ago at my 20 year high school reunion, it was interesting to see where people were landing. It was surprising to me to notice that many of the ‘popular’ classmates and the smart ones had floundered for a number of years before figuring out what they wanted to do. Ones in the bottom half of the class had many times taken the ‘bull by the horns’ and charged ahead with life. They figured out a goal that motivated them, and then they went for it. I very much admired them for that. My 50th reunion is coming up next year. It will be interesting to see who is still working (had to or want to) and also what people are doing in their retired years. Did they make a new goal?

And what about me? Tonight I was at a dinner for mentor/mentees. My church is working with state and federal groups to assist people coming out of prison, helping them fit into society again (and better this time). My first mentee is semi launched, but her focus is keeping her on the straight and narrow. We will stay in touch. Next year I will hopefully be matched to another mentee. I’m enjoying this new direction of helping others.

Week 17 Concentration

[This was originally created on 1/19/17 but created as a ‘page’ and not a post!]

Here it is, the middle of the afternoon and I am “home alone.” Ah, a great time to read my assignments! Well, it should have been but there were 3 phone calls within 25 minutes, ugh…. Hubby was okay, but even though I ‘ignored’ the next 2 (caller ID led me to believe they were telemarketers), my concentration was interrupted.

And there it was in 17.3, the last sentence, talking of concentration and continuing on through multiple points.

In high school or college, did you have a certain routine to following in order to study? Some people like total silence, some had to have the radio on, some rewrote all of their notes out long hand. I don’t remember if I had a routine, but I did notice early on that there was one subject that it didn’t matter what the commotion was occurring in the background as my concentration never waivered. Those were my math classes. And I still like numbers and computer problems. I really get into the ‘zone’ with these.

I wonder what about math holds my concentration? Even when I am singing an anthem on a Sunday morning I am not always totally focused on the task at hand. I find my mind wandering about, mentally making some list or trying to solve some problem. And I like to sing!

This is certainly a puzzle to me!

Week 17-HJ

It has been an up and down week, the down part being an elderly neighbor died on Sunday. One of our assignments was to look at an obituary daily. Didn’t realize one of those days was going to be quite so personal. He was a lawyer, city councilman, mayor for 3 terms, and in a whole bunch of activities in a wide variety of organizations in our city of 17,000 people. Tonight was a State of the City event which I attended. Before the program started, the mayor asked for a moment of silence for a man who had such an impact upon our city. Tomorrow will be the funeral but within a week or two, all of the relatives and friends will have gone back to their “normal” routines while the widow must create a new routine. And this is where kindness needs to creep in. I and others on our block need to be sure to engage this woman in conversation, activity, and sharing of meals.

And there were the high points, 2 of them. Don’t you love it when your customers reach out to you for reorders! They love the products and don’t want to be without! One was also telling me about her week long mission trip and thanked me again for the new-to-her convenient travel products. She was appreciative of my listening, and hearing, her packing issues and came up with a solution that worked great for her. That means she’ll be ordering more!

Ah, and the best part of the week was finalizing our first ever cruise!! My husband had heard me talking about wanting to go to Alaska and all of a sudden he ran with the suggestion. This will be a totally new experience (cruise), new geography, train ride to observe flora/fauna/wildlife, history.

Some of those DMP points are coming to fruition!