Week 18 DMP being tested

January has been a quiet month, the calm before the ‘storm’ of my part-time job as a tax assistant  that is full-time during tax season. Time to focus on some points in my DMP.

Losing 20 pounds before my nephew’s destination wedding in Mexico wasn’t going to happen unless I started to exercise. I reactivated my gym membership last week and have been there 4 times each week. Silver Sneakers and Aqua Fit are the 2 group classes I have been participating in. When the district manager finally unfreezes my 15 training sessions, I’ll expand to that. I had an hour long massage this afternoon (always wonderful!). I was told that it didn’t take as long this time for my back to loosen up so my exercises are starting to do something. Now for more of those vegetables and fewer sweets (the Christmas cookies are almost gone!).

Being open to unexpected travel is part of my DMP. Unfortunately, I feel caught between the rock and the hard place. Our daughter-in-law emailed an invitation to come visit her, my son, and the 3rd year old grandson over Easter when they would at least have 3 days off in a row from work. This is where the hard part comes in. As they live in New Jersey and we in Minnesota, there is a plane fare to deal with so we try and go at least 5 days. In this case, my husband would miss a monthly activity he is quite involved with (he says its okay), I though am missing a large work the choir will be rehearsing for a month to be sung on Good Friday and 2 services of singing on Easter morning. And then I miss a band rehearsal the day we would return. Music is in my DMP. Oh, and the tax season isn’t quite finished yet. A girl friend and my daughter are gently telling me we need to go to NJ. I know I am one person in a large group and I usually am not needed the last couple of days of the tax season, but I still have this guilty feeling.

My business needs to be kicked up a notch, no, 3-4 notches. A woman from Nigeria reached out to me to go together for Go90Grow. Now this excites me. I can’t keep going on these trips unless there is more money coming in!! I’ve always felt uncomfortable initially talking to people about my business, but once I get going, I do fine as I am knowledgeable and firmly believe in the company.

Looking forward to new adventures.


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