Week 17-HJ

It has been an up and down week, the down part being an elderly neighbor died on Sunday. One of our assignments was to look at an obituary daily. Didn’t realize one of those days was going to be quite so personal. He was a lawyer, city councilman, mayor for 3 terms, and in a whole bunch of activities in a wide variety of organizations in our city of 17,000 people. Tonight was a State of the City event which I attended. Before the program started, the mayor asked for a moment of silence for a man who had such an impact upon our city. Tomorrow will be the funeral but within a week or two, all of the relatives and friends will have gone back to their “normal” routines while the widow must create a new routine. And this is where kindness needs to creep in. I and others on our block need to be sure to engage this woman in conversation, activity, and sharing of meals.

And there were the high points, 2 of them. Don’t you love it when your customers reach out to you for reorders! They love the products and don’t want to be without! One was also telling me about her week long mission trip and thanked me again for the new-to-her convenient travel products. She was appreciative of my listening, and hearing, her packing issues and came up with a solution that worked great for her. That means she’ll be ordering more!

Ah, and the best part of the week was finalizing our first ever cruise!! My husband had heard me talking about wanting to go to Alaska and all of a sudden he ran with the suggestion. This will be a totally new experience (cruise), new geography, train ride to observe flora/fauna/wildlife, history.

Some of those DMP points are coming to fruition!


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