Week 17 Concentration

[This was originally created on 1/19/17 but created as a ‘page’ and not a post!]

Here it is, the middle of the afternoon and I am “home alone.” Ah, a great time to read my assignments! Well, it should have been but there were 3 phone calls within 25 minutes, ugh…. Hubby was okay, but even though I ‘ignored’ the next 2 (caller ID led me to believe they were telemarketers), my concentration was interrupted.

And there it was in 17.3, the last sentence, talking of concentration and continuing on through multiple points.

In high school or college, did you have a certain routine to following in order to study? Some people like total silence, some had to have the radio on, some rewrote all of their notes out long hand. I don’t remember if I had a routine, but I did notice early on that there was one subject that it didn’t matter what the commotion was occurring in the background as my concentration never waivered. Those were my math classes. And I still like numbers and computer problems. I really get into the ‘zone’ with these.

I wonder what about math holds my concentration? Even when I am singing an anthem on a Sunday morning I am not always totally focused on the task at hand. I find my mind wandering about, mentally making some list or trying to solve some problem. And I like to sing!

This is certainly a puzzle to me!


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