Week 11 Persistence

[This was originally posted 12/9/16, but mistakenly entered as a ‘page’ and not as a post.]

Persistence, stick-to-it-ness, drive, determination. Herein lies success. Luck may have something to do with success, but you have to do something with it. Education is helpful, but again, by itself it will lead nowhere.

Long ago at my 20 year high school reunion, it was interesting to see where people were landing. It was surprising to me to notice that many of the ‘popular’ classmates and the smart ones had floundered for a number of years before figuring out what they wanted to do. Ones in the bottom half of the class had many times taken the ‘bull by the horns’ and charged ahead with life. They figured out a goal that motivated them, and then they went for it. I very much admired them for that. My 50th reunion is coming up next year. It will be interesting to see who is still working (had to or want to) and also what people are doing in their retired years. Did they make a new goal?

And what about me? Tonight I was at a dinner for mentor/mentees. My church is working with state and federal groups to assist people coming out of prison, helping them fit into society again (and better this time). My first mentee is semi launched, but her focus is keeping her on the straight and narrow. We will stay in touch. Next year I will hopefully be matched to another mentee. I’m enjoying this new direction of helping others.


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