Week 9 Left vs Right

Being so heavy left brained, I’m not sure why I’m not walking with a distinct tilt to the left! The bridge between left and right appears to be narrow, rutted, a one-way path filled with cobwebs.

So how did I get to be like this? Are people born to be detailed vs big picture thinkers? Is this wiring able to be changed? If so, will it take a lot of work?

I graduated in the top 10 of my high school class and did fairly well at college too, cum laude I believe. This does mean that I can read, remember, and spit back to the instructor quite well. But thinking on my own is quite another thing. For example, a freshman in-class writing assignment in English 101 was quite frustrating. Everyone but me was busily writing away, but it took me half the class to even get started. The topic given was too broad for me to focus on.

Being detailed is a gift though, much appreciated by those that only see the forest. There are times when it is very important to see that individual tree!

Music, math, athletics, these are my triggers. Now I just need to get more feeling/emotion into them, not be so rigid.

A husband/wife team was part of the program for a church seminar. They were musicians. The husband had a great story of how to learn something – set it to music! In a parochial school, his class was having a test – list all the books of the Bible in order. He finished way before the others as he was singing a song in his head that listed all the books in order!

Multiple ways of learning are a good thing!


9 thoughts on “Week 9 Left vs Right

  1. The Mind is an Awesome thing, I have noticed that I learn differently depending on the subject matter, sometimes to music, other times hands on, and even reading. Keep learning and growing! You are Whole, Perfect, Powerful, Strong, Loving, Harmonious and Happy!

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  2. Left vs right….what I love about this is it isn’t like right vs wrong…it is all based on our strengths….and we can use those strengths to support our opportunities for growth. Sing it out, walk it out, dance it out, spike it out….anyway you look at it, you got it!! Keep Shining!!


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