Week 8 Make My Day!

It was simple enough. I just answered the telephone. I recognized the caller ID as being a small local business. I had left a message for a specific person the previous day, but the caller might have been any of the about 10 people at this business. All of those people were known to me. I very brightly said “Good morning!” The caller was totally taken aback and said “You just made my day!” Mind you, it was only 8:30 a.m. and the office wasn’t officially open yet. I never did ask if her day, early as it was, was already dragging her down. But, I had made her day.

It is the little things that we do for ourselves or for others that can make a positive difference. A smile, a compliment, a listening ear – show someone that you care. I made the caller’s day, but it was reflected back onto me and I felt good for helping someone else.


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