Week 4

Reading, speaking outloud, changing your thinking, changing your subconscious.

Before I started this course, I had a very specific example of the subconsious working. Because of this, I am a firm believer that this process is workable, if it is worked.

I was taking a computer class in 1987. After beating my head ‘against the wall’ on a software assignment that just was not working, I decided to just let go for a while. It was a lovely fall day and the drive through the woods would be soothing I thought. I was totally NOT thinking of the software problem, just taking in nature. BUT, within five minutes of leaving the house, the solution to the problem surfaced to my conscious! I thought it through a few minutes, cleared my brain back to nature and continued my drive. Later that afternoon I corrected the error and the program ran perfectly.

Since then, whenever for instance, I cannot find something, I look for five minutes or so and then do something else. I trust that my subconscious will be working in the background of my current activity and end up pointing me where I need to go.

Earlier this week I officiating the Varsity volleyball match between 2 rival local schools. I had been nervous about this ever since seeing it on my schedule back in June. Calm flowed through me during the entire match. This was much appreciated as it was a hard fought, close match.

Bottom line here, work the prescribed system of exercises.


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