Week 2

“Just do it now!” Twice a day for 25 times each, with excitement! This is just one of the little things to get my unconscious brain to kick into gear. But that blue rectangle? Not sure what the significance of that is. And then the assignment of trying to spy a blue rectangle, anywhere. Finally conciously saw one today, in my front yard of all places. It was a political sign with all kinds of colors, but the background was blue!

My mother greatly disliked blue (her colors were fall) so there was no blue in our household. Dad had green/hazel eyes, but the rest of us sported brown eyes. It wasn’t until I was way out of college that I found out I was a ‘winter.’ I shouldn’t have been wearing all that brown/beige. And then I gave birth to a blue eyed child. At age 3 she absolutely refused to wear this cute brown and beige jumper and blouse I had made for her. She knew what she wanted. I though, had to retrain my brain to accept different colors. I still don’t wear a standard blue other than blue jeans, but aqua has become a favorite. You should see my new glasses!

Now if this course had only been around a few decades earlier, it wouldn’t have taken me so long to look like I was really put together.


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